How to Behave at the Poker Table

Sitting in the Internet poker rooms, we are increasingly thinking about moving to a casino and playing at least one game at a real poker table. But let’s imagine, is it so easy to get up from the familiar comfortable chair, get dressed and get into the casino? Of course, this is not technically difficult. But are we ready for this? Do we know how to behave in such an establishment? After all, the way we play “at home” and what is expected of us in casinos are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences.

If you want to be banished from a decent establishment right in the process of playing poker, then you must certainly behave in a rude manner and show your ignorance to the fullest. How to do this, read on …

Remember, you know best how to play poker. After all, you spent not a single sleepless night in the poker rooms for this business, and even there you explained everything to the left and right. How lucky your opponents in a real casino are that they met you. Continue to share your brilliant series of sermons with all those in need. We are sure they will appreciate it. It may happen that some impudent person present will point out your mistakes to you. Parry your misfire on purpose to see if anyone else knows the rules of the game here. Be sure to say these words with sarcasm so that everyone understands who they are dealing with and does not dare to teach you in the future.

Always place discarded cards face down. The public will certainly appreciate this openness, because everyone is interested in what kind of cards you had in your hands. That’s right, do not keep this information a secret, some of the players may find it useful …

Imagine the look on your opponent’s face when, in response to his taking the pot, you suddenly show your cards! First, horror should appear there, then fear. Dazed, he may even burst into tears and run away.

It is an honorable duty of the dealer not only to deal cards, but also to deal GOOD cards. If the despicable servant in his face has forgotten about this, then who, if not you, will remind him? Remind without hesitation in expressions, looking for the most convincing arguments in your vocabulary. After such a conversation, the card will most likely go.

You folded and the flop came cards that would surely make you the master of life. Oddly enough, your actions: bang your fist on the table and swear loudly … After all, your opponents, by indirect and obvious signs, should guess that this time luck is on their side.

Remember what we talked about at the very beginning? You know better how to play. So, besides, you are also an excellent advisor. It does not matter that in other casinos a ban is imposed on the distribution of tips during the game. Who can shut the mouth that poses so sensibly? Opponents, dumbfounded by your eloquent logic, will forget about poker. While they “shut down”, you will act!

And finally: in a casino, behave insecurely, a nervous laugh should appear on your face every now and then.

We are sure that all of the above incidents, even each of them individually, will lead you to the casino door, which you will be asked to close from the outside. Decide for yourself whether you need it or not.

And now we offer some tips, following which, no jokes, you will keep afloat in the casino.

Remember that you are in a reputable establishment and there are decent people around you. Your emotions will be out of place here, and in a fit of feelings it is better to keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, you will not be taken seriously.

Your cards must be in sight of other players so that they know that you are still in the game. Otherwise, you can skip a move by your own oversight, which can negatively affect the game as a whole.

Announce your bets clearly and sonorously so that the dealer and your opponents will hear you well and understand everything correctly. This will help to avoid hitches and misunderstandings at the gaming table.

Do not bet in the common pot, but place the chips next to you. However, this should be done so that everyone can see how much you put.

Be tactful and show respect for your opponents: do not pull the cat by the tail when considering your bets, and observe the line in the bidding. Post the blinds and watch the dealer button yourself.

Do not do anything at the table that could interfere with the concentration of you and other players on the game process.